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Monday, January 30, 2012

Why You Should Never Blog

 Boy do I need to blog more often. I find it very difficult to shift my blogging time into high gear so that it can cruise past the million other things I need to do instead. Case in point, take a look at the date of my last post.  It was back during Santa’s busy season. Sure, right now blogging often may not be that big of a deal. I have just over 500 followers on twitter and just a handful of readers of my blog. (Thanks to you faithful few by the way) But I know like with any good thing we invest in, the more we plant the more we can expect to grow and one day multiply exponentially.  So I thought today I’d list a few of my really good reasons not to blog and see if any of you out there can relate. If so I’d love some feed back on what you guys are doing to beat the blogging beast and consistently put your thoughts out there for others to consider.
Why I don’t blog often (An expose by Jim Parker)
1. I have a lot going on in my REAL life with my other job.
2. No one really reads this stuff anyway, whats the use.

3. This post wil NOT be the revolutionary though that transforms the writing world. I'll wait until I have THAT post.

4. If I’m investing time in writing I need to be utilizing that time in working my current novel, not some meaningless blog post.

5. Ok now i'm going to sit, type, blog...wait, I wonder who's on facebook chat right now?
So, is it just me are do these kinds of really good excuses keep you guys from blogging early and often as well? The crazy thing is I know none of these excuses are good enough and some of these excuses are downright false. I read blog post all of the time from random unknown bloggers that inform, intrigue, and very often even inspire me.  So, what if my minor musings are doing the same for some other poor internet junkie out there?  Shouldn't I then feel compelled to put my thoughts out on a somewhat regular basis? I MUST blog more...wait, I wonder what’s trending on twitter right now, maybe I should click of over and just see, then I will (click)...


  1. Granted I'm not a writer, nor do I play one on tv. But I do struggle with the same reasoning to blog or not to blog. My number reason not to is who will actually read it. I am very curious to hear what responses you get and if there are other blogs that talk about this struggle.

  2. Thanks for the comment Aaron. I so agree with what you are saying here. Blogs are not like Novels or Screen Plays, at least not for me. I would write for the sheer joy of doing it whether or not it is picked up is irrelevant. But, with blogging if no one is listening...then should I even go to the trouble of cutting the tree down so that it may fall in the woods. lol

  3. In my case the blog is all about getting the scrabble bag in my head put into strings of letters, not necessarily in a dictionary order and why keep it in a computer or in my case, my phone where there seems to be an app for that, so blogger app gets a hammering.

    I totally agree with points 1, 2, 4, 5 except facebook seems to numb the real world and can wait until I am waiting in the dentists to have root canal work.

    As for number 3, I see your point with that but the revolutions have happened, the dictators are predominantly overthrown and everything is now weather map.

  4. Paul
    Thanks so much for your comment. I can't tell you how helpful and inspiring I've found the writing community to be on twitter. People like you take time to share thoughts, ideas and swap war stories. It helps me in my own writing in so many practical ways.

    Case in point. I've been thinking about how to retool my blog to something I enjoy writing rather than something I feel obligated to write. Something I read on YOUR blog sparked this idea for me of beginning a "serial" if you will, that involves different characters than the novel I've written, but is done in the same style. I'm hoping to give this a test run starting this afternoon here on this blog.

    It's bouncing around from different peoples thought process, blogs and Ideas that make this stuff happen. Thanks so much for sharing. btw. Are you currently writing or have you written any books? I'd love to hear some about what you are doing as far as publishing is concerned if so. I'm trying to wade through all the endless options for publishing out there.

  5. Remember these are only my comments and there will be people who will disagree with what I say, but it works for me.

    Firstly, never feel obligated to write anything there is no passion in obligation.

    Secondly, the smallest thing can spark an idea, write it down, if you get the blogger app for a phone, mine is an android, and then you can post directly to your blogspot blog either to be published or to draft. If it is drafted you can then pick it up on a computer later and rejig it.

    Twitter does have a great community for everything from freebie kindle ebooks from the people you follow, to the 70 mistakes you will make as an author. Links to hints and tips on publishing and I haven't read these as my Amazon Kindle Publishing account will tell you. I enjoy what I write and I write it for me anyone else who enjoys it is a bonus.

    I write at every opportunity but I point you to point one in this blog, I have a day job and a long commute to get there. My inspiration comes at 3.14am usually as the entry 3.14am on my blog will explain.

    I have self published two books on amazon, bang onto the site and search for "Unusual Poetry" and "5 Unusual Short Stories" these are mine and all promoted through twitter. I do think I shot myself in my foot, by signing up too the Select Promotional thing as I am tied into an exclusivity for 90 days, therefore I cant sell either of them on iBooks or smashwords.

    Dreary dull and all me now I have bored you if you want to hear any more of my drivel just ask. I am always here except when I am not.

  6. Hi Paul
    I just realized where you comment appeared. I had a hectic day and apparently got a little confused. Thanks so much for the input here. The one thing I'm starting to try and change is blogging out of a desire to create as opposed to blogging because I feel as if I have to build a "following." You are so right that writing with no passion is the result of obligation writing. Best of luck on your writing. I'm going to look your stuff up on amazon.