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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Self Publishing. Magic or Misery?

Last week we conducted a short survey here at James E. Parker Books, among self published authors.  We asked them four questions focused on their experience with the whole self publishing process and their satisfaction with the results.  Fifteen self published authors took part in the survey.  And here is what we found out.

The self publishing route met the over all expectations of nearly half the authors surveyed.

Over 70% of the authors surveyed would highly recommend self publishing over the traditional publishing route of securing a literary agent and ultimately a traditional publishing house.

Over half the self published writers surveyed said that they were at least somewhat satisfied with the financial returns they have earned from their work.

Also over half of the writers surveyed would DEFINITELY choose self publishing over the traditional route if given the choice.

Here are a few other interesting random facts we found about writers who have self published.  Only one of the fifteen authors surveyed said that their self publishing experience fell FAR SHORT of their expectations.  Only one of our fifteen authors said that they would NOT choose self publishing over the traditional route if given the choice.  Three of the fifteen however said that they were NOT SATISFIED AT ALL with the financial returns thus far on their self published book.  One self published author however, said that he had  doubled his royalties every month for eighteen months.
You can see a detailed analysis of the entire survey  by clicking here.
Official Survey Results
Make sure and take a look at the responses written under "other" for each of the questions answered.  You may glean some key insights there as well.

Thank you to all the self published authors who took part in this short survey. I know as I am grappling with the best publishing route to pursue your insight as been invaluable.  Feel free to give feed back below on your own feelings about self publishing as opposed to the traditional route.

Check back soon here at James E. Parker Books for more informative surveys from the writing world.  We believe writers help shape culture and think its important to let their voices be heard.


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