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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Writing Fantasyland

I've finished my brand new baby novel "Leaving Fantasyland."  It is a cop fiction about Tram Taylor,  a washed up wannabe cop that finds himself living the life of a hum-drum comic book store owner instead.  Tram's world is turned upside down though the day he finds a body in the dumpster behind his store.  Now its up to him to use is his former cop training to find the killer responsible for the body in his dumpster and to save his now kidnapped wife in the process.  Fantasy Land will take you through lots of twists and turns up down the mean streets of Milwaukee all the way to the last page.

Now the hard part has begun, editing and revisions. I'm learning lots from the absolutely excellent community of writers I've found on twitter.  Writers of all levels share openly and freely and I'm loving gleaning from the entire community there.  Any and all input you have on seeking publishing would be greatly appreciated.  I'd really rather pursue the traditional publishing route first.   Especially insight on critical keys to procuring an agent and/or publisher.  I've been investigating self publishing as well, but just don't know if I could build the steam required to really get my name out there via that route.  So, whether it be successes to aspire to or land mines to avoid, I'm open to it all.  Please share away.

Thanks You Guys,



  1. Very cool, Jim! Excited to see where this will go...

  2. Hey Theresa

    Thanks for the follow and the encouragement. Lets hope it goes somewhere BIG. That would be absolutely awesome.

  3. Congratulations!!! When do you think it will be finished?

  4. Hi. I'm hoping the editing will be done my the end of next month. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Happy New Year.